Following are things you should do when something goes wrong:
  • Take all reasonable steps following an accident or loss to protect the property or person from any further damage or injury.
  • Contact your person in charge of insurance matters as soon as practical.
  • Any loss by theft and/or wilful or malicious damage should be immediately reported to the nearest Police station.
  • Comply with the relevant claims procedure and complete the correct claim form, attaching all associated claims documents.
Claim Forms

Click below for AIRS Program Claim Forms. For the submission process, please refer to your Diocesan or Organisation's Insurance Contact. If in doubt, forward to ( and we’ll assist you with the process.

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting for injuries and third party property damage is important. Please follow your Diocesan or Organisational Incident Reporting process.

Misconduct, bullying and abuse allegations
Due to the sensitive nature of these type of claims, only the AIRS Manager has access to and carriage of these matters. Please contact Neil Bull directly to discuss any matters of disclosure and he will provide assistance for you as appropriate.

If you have a claims query, in the first instance contact your Head Office / Diocese Registry.  Otherwise feel free to call the National Claims hotline on 1300 927 523 or email
Appealing the result of a claim

If you are unhappy with the result of your claim, you will always be entitled to have the matter reviewed. There are different review processes depending on the type and circumstances of the claim. Please contact us and we will help you complete the necessary process.

Complaints about AIRS Service

Should you have a complaint about the service provided by AIRS staff, please contact the chair of the AIRS Board:

Trevor Ament