AIRS is one of the largest religious, education, not-for-profit, aged and community care insurance programs in Australia by diversity of membership and insurable assets. It is led by the CEO who reports to an elected Board in accordance with the organisation's constitution.

The Anglican Church in Australia does not have a central financial fund. Each Diocese is financially independent. Insured parties of AIRS policies are officially recognised by the Anglican Dioceses or are independent members. Therefore, participation in the program is only available to Anglican affiliated entities who have been through the AIRS approval process.


At a Registrars’ conference in 1998 a sub-committee was formed to discuss the feasibility of a group purchase of insurance. In December 1999 the Brisbane, Tasmania, Newcastle and Melbourne Dioceses combined together to arrange their insurance policies and create what was known as the Anglican National Insurance Program (ANIP). This was run as a department of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Over the years, many different dioceses and independent Anglican affiliated schools, age care facilities, retirement villages and welfare agencies have come on board. Today, after nearly 2 decades of operation, AIRS provides integrated risk management and insurance services to the majority of Anglican Dioceses in Australia, as well as dozens of other care organisations, schools and other Anglican affiliates.

In 2019, the members of the Anglican National Insurance Program (run by the Melbourne Diocese) agreed to re-brand as the Anglican Insurance and Risk Services (AIRS) and register as an ACNC registered charity from 1 July 2019.